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At excel-help24 we are offering quick and competent Excel help. Through personal consulting we are able to offer individual Excel solutions for your special requirements.

Excel is probably the most multifunctional program in the Office world, a tool which was originally conceived as a calculation tool, today outshines all other parts of the Office series with an incredible variety of possibilities. The portfolio is huge: From listings, evaluations, checklists, calculations to print templates and much more is possible.

This tool, in which usually only data is collected in order to store and copy at another time, could be so much more helpful in your daily work - or even take it off your hands.

Our team at excel-help24 will support you in any implementation of new ideas, automation of routine tasks or even just troubleshooting an existing file. Perhaps you do not know what you specificly need, yet? No problem, because even in this case we can offer assistance and advice.

Excel help

Here you can find some examples of possible solutions that are technically feasible. Have a look and get an impression of the ideas we have already implemented!


No matter whether you have an explicit inquiry or would like to have a consultation appointment with us. Here you can get in contact with us directly.


Here you can take a look at our standardized process. It ensures a smooth process and guarantees a high-quality result.

Excel consulting: Did you know...

…that routine work can be automated by macros in Excel?

…that Excel can also read in and output files?

…that automation can be implemented across all Office products?

…that even graphics that belong to other files can be adjusted automatically?

…that Excel supports a programming language called VBA that can create programs?

…that macros can be extremely accelerated with the right type of programming?

…that you can get all the Excel help you need to take full advantage of these possibilities?

Excel help and individual Excel consulting

As an experienced Excel specialist, we can advise you individually with a wide repertoire of possible solutions. To give you a first impression, we have compiled some examples here.

Data set comparison

A very typical application for an automation by macros is the comparison between two data sets. The question "Which values out of dataset 2 are also part of dataset 1?" can take several hours for several hundred entries by hand. A macro does this in just a few seconds.

Individual checklists

Excel offers an optimal basis for demand-oriented checklists through individual design and adaptation. These are particularly interesting in combination with an automated evaluation.

Automated Excel evaluations

An automatic evaluation can be generated out of standardized checklists with little effort. At the push of a button, all data is read out, stored and displayed, for example in a descriptive graphic. Which type of data has to be handled in the process is completely irrelevant. From technical values, to key figures or even just subjective evaluations, everything is possible and can be displayed clearly.

Working across programms

Macros can also be used to implement Office automation across the board.
For example, a macro can save you a lot of work when regularly sending standardized e-mails. In the example shown here, an automatic e-mail with all key facts can be generated at the push of a button from one entry in the outstanding payments list.

Preventing the saving or closing of a file

Data processing is always only as good as the availability of the data. However, Excel is not only able to process data, but can also check them. For example, it is possible to prevent a file from being saved or closed as long as certain mandatory fields are not filled in. In this case, the e-mail address of the last entry is missing.


You already know what you need?

If you already know what you need, you can contact us directly using this contact form.

When contacting us, simply send us all the information, functions and wishes that should be integrated in your inquiry and we will send you a free offer for your inquiry.
For automation inquiries, it has proven to be best practice to send us a sample file for inquiries, which shows both the initial status and the desired final status.

If you need the implementation by a certain target date, please let us know as well.



Based on our experience as Excel service providers and Excel consultants, we have established a process for the implementation of our projects. This process serves as a guideline for the successful completion of an Excel project.


A need for an Excel service can arise in various ways. Either you already know your exact need, such as the extension of an existing function or the correction of an error.
Or you do not know the exact requirements yet, but would like to increase efficiency and make your work easier. In this case we are also the right contact and will be happy to advise you.


If your needs are known or if you would like to determine them through a consultation appointment, simply send us a non-binding inquiry.


As an answer to your inquiry you will receive a binding offer from us. In this offer we will explain once again which services you will receive from us and at what price we will implement these services.

Implementation: Programming

After we have received an order from you, we start programming and implementing the service description. This of course includes keeping the application as simple and clear as possible.

Implementation: Quality assurance

Every program we create is subjected to quality assurance after its first completion. This has the task of uncovering errors in handling, functionality or other vulnerabilities. If this is the case, the program is transferred back to the programming department for revision.

Implementation: Coordination

If the first stage of work is at an appropriate level of quality, we will coordinate with you. Here we present the function, the handling and other relevant points in the program. Every improvement request is then handed over to the programming department and implemented.

Acceptance: Handover

If no further improvements were necessary in the vote, the transfer will be made to you, of course with a corresponding supplementation of all necessary information or points to be observed.

Acceptance: Testing

Probably the most important point is the testing. In this phase you can use the program in your daily business. During this time, we are also available at short notice for queries or unexpected malfunctions in order to be able to ensure support. Should errors or other problems develop, we will revise the program accordingly.

Acceptance: Acceptance

After the successful practical test, the formal acceptance of the service is performed. Only at this point the issue will be invoiced.